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NATERNAL™: Regenerative Beauty seen by SYENSQO

In a context where preserving our planet is becoming a priority, and where consumers are increasingly sensitive to the environmental impact of their actions, the demand for environmentally-friendly cosmetic products is constantly increasing. Thanks to its long-standing partner, SYENSQO, formerly SOLVAY NOVECARE, Summit Cosmetics Europe offers a range of guar gums that take care of farming communities, consumers and the planet. This range, called NATERNAL™, represents Regenerative Beauty.

April 25, 2024
Daily makeup. Side view profile of young lady painting her lips with satisfaction. Copy space in right side. Isolated on background

The cosmetics industry is constantly on the lookout for innovative raw materials. Our French supplier, PolymerExpert, has therefore decided to make this its mission, in particular with the development of 2 ranges: ESTOGEL® and EXPERTGEL®.

March 20, 2024
Green enterprises that rely on renewable energy can reduce climate change and global warming. For a clean and environmentally beneficial environment. High quality generative ai

In this exclusive interview with Kupanda, a trusted supplier of Summit Cosmetics Europe, we delve into their profound commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. This conversation offers valuable insights into Kupanda's ethos and practices, as well as the remarkable impact of their approach on the cosmetics industry. Kupanda's dedication to the sustainable triple-bottom line, their focus on sourcing raw materials in underprivileged communities, and their innovative projects in economic engagement, social upliftment, and environmental regeneration exemplify their mission to create positive change. This interview sheds light on Kupanda’s CSR Strategy, demonstrating how responsible business practices can pave the…

November 8, 2023
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