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Green enterprises that rely on renewable energy can reduce climate change and global warming. For a clean and environmentally beneficial environment. High quality generative ai

In this exclusive interview with Kupanda, a trusted supplier of Summit Cosmetics Europe, we delve into their profound commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. This conversation offers valuable insights into Kupanda's ethos and practices, as well as the remarkable impact of their approach on the cosmetics industry. Kupanda's dedication to the sustainable triple-bottom line, their focus on sourcing raw materials in underprivileged communities, and their innovative projects in economic engagement, social upliftment, and environmental regeneration exemplify their mission to create positive change. This interview sheds light on Kupanda’s CSR Strategy, demonstrating how responsible business practices can pave the…

November 8, 2023
A range of innovative biofermented recombinant collagens

In the wake of the pandemic, consumers are focusing on their well-being. They want to use products with real efficacy and long-term impact on their skin. Their research therefore focuses on molecules already present in the skin to boost their activity. Thanks to its new supplier, JIANGSU TRAUTEC MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, Summit Cosmetics Europe offers a range of recombinant collagens synthesized by biofermentation.

September 29, 2023
MIRASOFT® SL – A range of biofermented sophorolipids

Skin and hair health are as important to consumers as product origin. They are looking for effective, eco-friendly cosmetics that also respect the skin's microbiome. Discover MIRASOFT® SL from SOLVAY, a range of multifunctional Sophorolipids, 100% natural origin.

August 24, 2023
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