Parent Company

Parent Company

Founded on a 400 year-old business philosophy, Sumitomo Corporation has spent over a century applying its values of trust, innovation and contributing broadly to society through all of its business ventures. Historically, Sumitomo Corporation has used “Summit” as a name for group company’s.  The name and identity embody the group’s desire to reach new heights, always striving to offer the best products and services possible, and never settling.  Under one global name -Summit Cosmetics – we will continue to push forward, as we aspire to achieve a greater goal and invest with the purpose of creating a  bigger impact on the world.​

The nippon group has now more than 75K employees in 66 countries and regions for 883 group companies. Its activities are multiple such as energy, real estate, transportation, etc.

The Japanese group decided to invest in cosmetic industry with Presperse (US) in 2007, COSMOTEC (Brasil) in 2013, SPE (Germany) in 2015, SACI-CFPA (France) in 2019 and Summit Cosmetics Corporation (Japan) was created.

In April 1st 2023, Cosmotec and SACI-CFPA (France & German Branch) respectively become Summit Cosmetics LATAM & Summit Cosmetics Europe.

Summit Cosmetics Corporation is the direct parent company of Summit Cosmetics Europe. A group of distributors delivering a wide range of high-quality ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Summit Cosmetics distributors around the world, are looking for the best solutions for our customers.

Through our global supplier network, and process innovation and operational excellence, we deliver value to our customers. With the unique ability to validate and demonstrate ingredient benefits, Summit Cosmetics combines global sourcing of materials, local knowledge, and technical expertise to position our customers as leaders in a highly competitive global market. As a long-term, trusted partner, Summit Cosmetics provides peace of mind by ensuring our customers and suppliers are confident that we will deliver on our promises.

Global Reach with Local Expertise

Our global footprint means we are able to source and deliver ingredients from all corners of the world, with quality logistics service. Locally, we are experts in the unique regulatory requirements within the regions we operate. We have the flexibility and resources available to meet your needs.

Innovation and quality as fundamentals

Our R&D, Marketing and Regulatory departments focus on originality, innovation, and safety with a constant eye on trends, whether they are macro or applicable to niche markets. The application laboratories work closely with our customers to provide the most appropriate solutions to your needs and those of consumers.

Future Focused

Backed by the Sumitomo Corporation Group, rooted in hundreds of years of business tradition and integrity, we are building a highly natural portfolio of the best green cosmetic ingredients available.

Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable society.

Committed to our Customers
High Ethical Standard
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Stronger Together
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Protect the Planet
A Clear Path Forward
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