BIOGENIC WETCAPSULES - Innovative visual effect & technicity

February 15th, 2024

biogenics wetcapsules

The beauty industry is driven by innovation. Brands and formulators never stop offering products that are increasingly attractive, not only for their efficacy but also, and above all, for their galenic appearance. The visual of a product allows the actors of this market to stand out from the competition, especially, by selecting a clear packaging revealing the galenic.

Summit Cosmetics Europe is able to solve this problem thanks to its supplier Biogenics INC., which offers innovative raw materials that add a special visual benefit to the products. Indeed, their beads or petals dispersed in a formulations will enhance the finished products thanks to the different sizes and colors available.

Moreover, consumers are attaching more and more importance to the efficacy of their cosmetic products. Thus, the player in this field are constantly looking for ways to the performance and appearance of finished products is constant.

However, no matter how effective an active ingredient may be, it is likely to undergo oxidation or other deterioration due to light. Some actives also have poor stability and/or compatibility in a formulation.

In order to meet the needs of consumers and the restrictions of the cosmetics industry, our supplier Biogenics INC. has created Biogenic WetCapsules, which combine technicity and high naturality.

Based on the concept of encapsulation, the WetCapsules protect the active ingredient and allow its release only during the use of the finished product, which is therefore controlled and long-lasting. This guarantees an active ingredient unaltered by the formulation.

Summit Cosmetics Europe offers Agar-based Biogenic WetCapsules in several formats and colors:

  • Monster Beads :
    • Microspheres with the active ingredient dispersed in the hydrogel
    • Available in white, transparent, pink, pearlescent, red, gold
    • Different sizes available: between 6 and 10 mm
    • To be used in liquid formulas with dispersed capsules or capsules alone
    • Applications : anti-aging, moisturizing
  • Kids Beads :
    • Visual effect beads
    • Available in yellow, black, pink, red, white, apricot
    • Available size: 3-4mm
    • To be used in liquid formulas with dispersed capsules
    • Applications: makeup base, primer
  • Oil Capsules:
    • Microcapsules: agar capsules filled with oil (60%)
    • The selection of the reference depends on the oil to be integrated in the capsule
    • Available in transparent, red, blue, yellow, green, shiny
    • To be used in liquid formulas with dispersed capsules
    • Applications : anti-aging, moisturizing
    • Compatible with airless bottles
  • Petal Beads :
    • Capsules in the form of petals based on alginate and agar
    • Microspheres with the active ingredient dispersed in the hydrogel
    • Available in red, pink, yellow, purple, white and black
    • Available size: 11-13mm
    • Enhance the visual of transparent liquid finished products
    • Applications: skin care, hygiene, perfume
  • Moisture Bead
    • Hydrogel based moisturizing beads
    • Available in navy blue, red, green, yellow and light blue
    • For use in liquid formulas with dispersed capsules
    • Applications: anti-aging, moisturizing
  • Micro Bubble :
    • Oil bubbles, semi-finished products
    • Custom products
    • Different sizes
    • Available in transparent, pink and dyed colors

The expertise of our supplier, Biogenics INC., allows us to offer customized solutions to meet your needs.

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