GREENDIOL® - A multi-functional 100% biosourced ingredient

July 13th, 2022


Interested in plants growing in harsh environments and their amazing resistance to drought, our Korean supplier GS CALTEX has been trying for years to discover the secret of this resistance. It was found to lie in the 2,3-butanediol specifically produced by natural microorganisms.

Based on this discovery, the Korean company developed GREENDIOL®, a green multifunctional humectant derived from sugarcane and/or cassava.

Thanks to an innovative bio-engineering technology, this glycol is produced by natural fermentation from biomass and micro-organisms without GMO or chemical synthesis.  It can be used for multiple applications, is 100% biobased and COSMOS certified.

It has excellent dispersing properties (compared to other polyols) for active ingredients, including vitamin C, and provides a more efficient extraction of natural ingredients. This solvent, which is effective even for poorly soluble substances, also has moisturizing and anti-aging properties and acts as a solubilizer and preservation booster.

Although it is a natural ingredient, GREENDIOL® has a solubility as high as that of Dipropylene Glycol. It also has high skin penetration and helps active ingredients remain stable, all in a unique lightweight texture.

GREENDIOL® – Discover all its properties:

    • Natural moisturizer that brings hydration to the skin
    • Clinical tests on 19 subjects showed a superior moisturizing effect to 1,3-BG and 1,3-PDO
    • Long moisture retention time
    • Antimicrobial and antiseptic properties
    • Demonstrated effects of improved preservation by inhibiting the growth of pathogens
    • Various toxicity studies have shown the absence of hazardous toxins in the product, making it safe for the environment and the human body
    • Clinical patch studies on skin irritation have also shown that it does not cause skin irritation
    • Excellent dispersant that helps active ingredients remain dispersed and stable
    • A series of tests have shown its effectiveness in dispersing vitamin C, allantoin and ceramide in various formulations
    • Anti-inflammatory action
    • Inhibition of LPS-induced cytokine production, such as TNF-α and IL-6, in a dose-dependent manner
    • With no chemical synthesis, it is an excellent product for extracting active ingredients from natural substances
    • Excellent performance as a botanical extractant compared to other polyols
    • Lower coefficient of friction compared to other polyols
    • Improved sensoriality of cosmetic products in which it is integrated thanks to its light texture
    • An analysis focusing specifically on hair care products showed frizz control, better than with a 1,3-PDO

GREENDIOL® is a natural, environmentally friendly polyol produced through fermentation. It is a new generation ingredient that suggests an alternative to synthetic chemicals. These many properties and its ease of use make it an ideal ingredient for all types of formulations.

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