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U-OLIOSOME® VC 1.0 (N) - Encapsulation stabillity & efficacy

September 9th, 2022

bulle u oliosome

The interest in active ingredients and their efficacy, especially when proven, is growing and is now a crucial criterion for consumers. 

Active ingredients are various, as are their activities and performances. However, they can present real weaknesses in terms of stability and penetration into the skin.

These constraints are a disadvantage as a loss of stability leads to a loss of efficacy, and if the product does not penetrate the skin properly, it will not act where it is most effective.

To guarantee the performance of active ingredients and therefore the satisfaction of formulators and consumers, our Korean supplier United Active has created the U-Oliosome®: an innovation in encapsulation that allows the preservation of stable active ingredients and the penetration of poorly soluble or hydrophilic active substances into the skin. This innovative delivery system uses nanometer-sized inverted micelles to deliver active ingredients more deeply.

Characteristics of U-Oliosome®

  • Hydrophobic: Thanks to its hydrophilic inner layer and hydrophobic outer layer, U-Oliosome® easily penetrates the lipid layer of the skin and delivers the active ingredients where they need to act.
  • Smaller than 50nm: U-Oliosome® has a small particle size (less than 50nm), the reverse micelle being covered by a single layer.
  • Release of active ingredients: To release the actives into the skin, the reverse micelle transforms into a micelle and opens when the environment changes from hydrophobic to hydrophilic (dermis).

How is U-Oliosome® developed?

It all starts with United Active’s Biolipid® HBG, a blend of biosurfactants derived from oils fermentation. It allows the encapsulation of active ingredients in inverted micelles by self-assembly.

The hydrophilic active ingredients, such as vitamin C, are first solubilized in Butylene Glycol and Pentylene Glycol of natural origin.

Then, this mixture is added to Biolipid® HBG, this new solution forming U-Oliosome®.


Thanks to this technology, Summit Cosmetics Europe presents U-OLIOSOME® VC 1.0 (N), 100% natural origin, this vitamin C is encapsulated in a U-OLIOSOME® for improved stability and penetration. This encapsulation allows for a W/O/W formulation and maximizes the whitening and antioxidant effects of vitamin C!

More information?

Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative at Summit Cosmetics Europe or send your request directly to contact@summitcosmetics-europe.com

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