ALGAKTIV® RETINART - A retinol-like from microalgae

February 9th, 2023

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The anti-aging claim, as always trendy, has been in continuous evolution for several years. Indeed, consumers’ expectations are changing regarding the efficacy of their cosmetic products.

From the anti-aging to anti-pollution, to microbiome research, the cosmetic industry is constantly renewing itself in order to provide more and more technical information to its consumers.

In the past few years, retinol has been a star ingredient in anti-aging products. However, this active ingredient, despite its many benefits, has undesirable effects. It acts on the dermis and the epidermis, causing burns due to photosensitization of the skin and irritation. It is the α and ɣ receptors, located between the dermis and the epidermis for the one, and in the epidermis only, for the other, which will interact with retinol and its derivatives.

The actives interacting only with the β-receptor, located in the dermis only, avoid the burns caused by retinol and classical retinoids.

In order to target this receptor, Summit Cosmetics Europe offers you, thanks to its supplier Algaktiv®, the RetinART: an optimized retinoid without side effects.

Inspired by the latest generation retinoids, this active ingredient – derived from a specific fraction of micro-algae – is a marine bio-retinol. ALGAKTIV® RETINART offers the same repairing, balancing and soothing performance as retinol, without any irritation or photosensitization. It helps even out skin tone for firmer, naturally radiant skin and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Usage Properties:

  • As a replacement for or in synergy with retinol
  • As a replacement for Bakuchiol in 1:1
  • Percentage of use between 1 and 2%.
  • Water soluble

Results in clinical trials :

  • Anti-aging and anti-acne properties
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles in 56 days
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation in 56 days
  • Firmer and more unified skin in 28 days
  • Improves skin renewal
  • Reduces blemishes in 28 days
  • Reduces pore size and sebum excess in 28 days

ALGAKTIV® RETINART is COSMOS certified, vegan and non-GMO.

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