MIRASOFT® SL - A range of biofermented sophorolipids

September 7th, 2023


Skin and hair health are as important to consumers as product origin. They are looking for effective, eco-friendly cosmetics that also respect the skin’s microbiome. Indeed, an imbalance in the microbiota can lead to skin problems such as itching, eczema, acne and so on.

However, skin and hair cleansing requires the use of surfactants which have a detergent effect and are therefore potentially irritating to the skin. The use of these cleansing products damages the microbiome and leads to an imbalance.

In order to solve this challenge, Summit Cosmetics Europe, thanks to its supplier SOLVAY, offers MIRASOFT® SL, a range of multifunctional, 100% natural Sophorolipids.



What is a Sophorolipid?

Sophorolipid is a type of mild surfactant obtained by biofermentation. In a world where the majority of surfactants are palm-, coconut- or synthetic-based, our supplier has developed this range of biosurfactants based on rapeseed oil. This is available in the region where the biosurfactants are produced and sold. As a result, the carbon footprint of this range is low. Since these raw materials are biodegradable, they are surfactants that respect the environment and the circular economy.


What are these biosurfactants? And how to differentiate them?

The MIRASOFT® SL range includes two sophorolipids. MIRASOFT® SL L60, the lactone-rich version, and MIRASOFT® SL A60, the acid-rich version. These two biosurfactants have a high active ingredient content, from 55% to 65%, and share the same INCI, GLYCOLIPIDS.

Mirasoft® SL L60


  • Natural ingredient
  • The highest lactone percentage of any product on the market, thanks to a unique process that is also more effective in improving the condition of skin and scalp.

Mirasoft® SL A60


  • Ingredient of natural origin: the downstream process includes a hydrolysis step.
  • High acid content (>80%).

The MIRASOFT® SL range can be used in a wide range of applications: facial cleanser, micellar water, scalp treatment, deodorant, etc.

MIRASOFT® SL A60 is more suitable for sensitive skin and scalps, while MIRASOFT® SL L60 is also suitable for acne-prone skin, oily skin and scalps, and acts against dandruff.


How are these sophorolipids friendly towards the microbiome?

MIRASOFT® SL are certified microbiome-friendly by MyMICROBIOME Standard. In addition to their detergent, solubilizing and emulsifying properties, they provide a real plus for skin, hair and scalp health. They help protect skin and scalp by inhibiting the microorganisms responsible for their imbalance.

As they are non-irritating surfactants, they will preserve skin health.

 In-vitro assessment of the skin irritation potential

Determination of the time at which the material causes a 50% reduction in tissue viability (ET50). EpiDerm(TM) Skin Model EPI-200. Topical application. Tested concentration: 0.3% active for all tested surfactants. pH 4.7.



Do MIRASOFT® SL products have other activities?

In addition to their make-up-removing properties, they leave skin soft and non-sticky after use.

 Waterproof super active foundation removal testing 

They are also excellent solubilizers for oil-based fragrances, outperforming the ethoxylated solubilizers normally used.

  • Mirasoft® SL A60 : up to 2 times more effective
  • Mirasoft® SL L60 : up to 4 times more effective

 Amount of surfactant [% active] required to solubilize 1% of essential oil

Key points to note

The MIRASOFT® SL range includes two sophorolipids derived from the biofermentation of rapeseed oil. Lactone-rich or acidic, they both have cleansing, solubilizing and emulsifying properties that respect the skin’s microbiota. Also recognized as make-up removers and solubilizers of oil-based fragrances, they are the perfect answer to consumer demand. Preserving the health of skin, hair and scalp, they respect the environment and the circular economy.


Need more information? Please contact your sales representative at Summit Cosmetics Europe or send your request directly to contact@summitcosmetics-europe.com.

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