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RENCONTRES DE LA SFC – Plant derivatives for innovation

June 25th, 2021


The very strong market demand for naturalness, environmental friendliness and hybrid make-up is a real challenge for formulators.

As a sponsor at the “Rencontres de la SFC” event (French Society of Cosmetology), our sales team presented a webinar on a selection of innovative make-up ingredients that meet the current needs of the market.

Among them: the ECONA® from CQV Co. Ltd. for a natural and multifunctional coloration.

The ECONA® products are pigments treated with highly stable natural plant extracts.

These plant extracts are coating a natural mica substrate, thus allowing to obtain raw materials of 100% natural origin and COSMOS certified with an excellent stability.

These cosmetic pigments are obtained thanks to a new coating technology which allows them to go beyond simple coloring by presenting additional functional effects, in particular antioxidant properties.

The ECONA® range is available in 4 colours:

  1. Yellow – Safflower extract – INCI: Carthamus Tinctorius Safflower Extract
  2. Red – Sappan wood extract – INCI: Caesalpinia Sappan Bark Extract
  3. Blue – Indigo leaf extract – INCI: Indigo Tinctoria Leaf Extract
  4. Black: Bamboo charcoal extract – INCI: Charcoal powder


Those products have additional advantages:

    • No animal origin
    • No inorganic pigment
    • No ferric ferrocyanide
    • No carbon black or iron oxide
    • No substance hazardous to health or the environment
    • No paraben
    • More stable than common pigments
    • Compliance with global cosmetic regulations

It is therefore possible to formulate high performance make-up with long lasting wear thanks to products of 100% natural origin.

More information?

Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative at Summit Cosmetics Europe or send your request directly to contact@summitcosmetics-europe.com


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