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The biosourced oil gelifiers from our supplier : POLYMEREXPERT

March 24th, 2022



This innovative French medium-sized company, several times rewarded, has chosen SACI-CFPA for its distribution in France and Monaco.

PolymerExpert in figures:

20+ employees         5 million in sales       15% annual growth       67 patents


Created in 2000, the French research and development company PolymerExpert is originally specializing in polymers for medical devices. Producing their polymers according to the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical sector, they later decided to use their manufacturing know-how for the benefit of the cosmetics industry. Committed to an eco-responsible and natural approach, PolymerExpert develops biosourced polymers of plant origin.

PolymerExpert has become a major player in polymer research and development. They have filed over 65 patents and devote 35% of their revenues to the development of new polymers.

Their know-how covers the entire value chain from R&D to production at their facilities in Pessac, and this, in compliance with ISO 9001 (Quality management systems), ISO 13485 (Medical devices) standards and the concept of green chemistry. PolymerExpert acts thus for the development of new environmentally friendly materials and directs its innovations towards naturalness.

Polymers are widely used ingredients in cosmetic formulation. Consumer trends and expectations are pushing the market towards ever more naturalness. These new standards make it necessary for formulators to find replacement ingredients. These must have similar properties to those that will be removed, while coming from more natural and responsible sources.

Biomaterials, and in particular biopolymers, have therefore become key raw materials. The development of efficient products using raw materials of plant origin and allowing to reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic products is thus challenging suppliers.

PolymerExpert ‘s EstoGel® and EstoGel® Green ranges of polymers hence meet current needs and challenges of the market. These biosourced oil gelling agents are derived from vegetable oil and combine naturalness and performance They can be used in all types of formulations and offer many properties to meet the different needs, in full transparency. Resulting from supramolecular chemistry, they are reversible and very sensitive to shear, offering very interesting properties.


These products are the result of a development collaboration between PolymerExpert, the ITERG (Institute of Fats & Related Products), and the LCPO (Laboratory of Organic Polymer Chemistry).

Thus, in 2017 PolymerExpert launches the EstoGel® range: oil gelling polymers with a high percentage of naturalness to substitute macromolecules of fossil origin.

In 2021, EstoGel® Green is launched: a 100% natural and biosourced oil gelling agent, Cosmos approved, forming totally transparent gels with a very wide range of oils.


The main characteristics of EstoGel® and EstoGel® Green :

  • High percentage of naturalness.
  • Thixotropic and rheofluidifying for great flexibility in use (pump, spray, very good spreading).
  • Transparently gel oils of low and medium polarity: vegetable oils or esters (a compatibility guide has been created by PolymExpert, it includes all the oils most used by the cosmetics industry).
  • Suspension effect for different types of particles (pigments, pearls, dried flowers, etc.) from 1%, even in fluid formulas.
  • Short-chain polymers with high molecular weight that do not disturb the sensoriality of the products and can contribute to a light and silky feel.
  • Great versatility for galenics and applications: fluids, gels, sticks / skin care, make-up, sun care, scented products etc.
  • Conforms to the Chinese regulation

Added to all these properties, the two ranges are complementary. It is thus possible to associate them to obtain a multitude of different galenics according to the needs.


PolymerExpert, awarded several times:

  • 2019 : In Cosmetics : EstoGel® – Ingredient of the year
  • 2021: Cosmetiquemag Gold award – EstoGel® Green in the Ingredients category
  • 2022: PolymerExpert laureate for the NA20 project, led by French Tech Bordeaux
  • 2022 : Lipids & Cosmetics: EstoGel® Green – Special Jury Award
  • 2022: Cosmet’Agora: 2nd prize for formulation
  • 2022: Finalist for the Cosmetic Victories – EstoGel® Green
  • 2022 : Participation to the In Cosmetics Award – EstoGel® Green for the Ingredients category

More information?

Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative at Summit Cosmetics Europe or send your request directly to contact@summitcosmetics-europe.com


Data from the PolymerExpert website: https://polymerexpert.fr/en/ 

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